Facility Rental

Discover Life Church in Sikeston, MO facilities are available for rentals on Sundays 12:30pm-6:00pm. We will take request for other days of the week for weddings and special events. There is a facility usage fee of $25 for all facility rentals, and a rental fee for each room that you can find below. Rental Fees are waived for Discover Life members/regular attenders. A member/regular attender is defined as someone that has tithed for at least six of the past twelve calendar months preceding the event as determined by Discover Life giving records.

Facility Usage Fee (utilities): $25
Facility Manager/Security: $18/hr (if in the building for longer than 4 hours)
As needed: (prices dependent on what is needed)
Audio-Visual Services
For all weddings, we have a booklet with prices and policies.

Rental Room Fees: 
Auditorium: $150    Chapel: $75    Kitchen: $25

By submitting this form, you are saying that you agree and understand the following,
- I understand that filling out this form is not a guarantee that I can use the space.
- I understand that in order to use the space, I must agree to the Discover Life Facility
Use Agreement.
- I understand that Discover Life Church is a private, religious, non-profit corporation with an
obligation to its members to uphold Biblical standards of morality and conduct. As such, I agree
to adhere to the standards of conduct set forth in the Discover Life Facility Use Agreement.
- I understand that I will be charged a fee for the use of the facility and that unless the fee
is paid on the date required, my reservation will be cancelled.
- I understand that I may be asked to present a certificate of insurance if my event is
sponsored by a corporation or corporate group.