Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19


As members of the Body of Christ, we believe that Discover Life Church is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each year the Discover Life prayerfully and financially supports ministries across the globe, as well as local ministries.

Local Missions

As a church family, we see the value in going into our neighborhoods and making a difference right in our own backyards. One way that we do that is through our ministry, "House of Hope". From food distribution, clean ups, rides to church, and so much more!
We love where we live and serve. 

Foreign Missions

Discover Life Church makes it a priority to go global every year! We've been to places like Guatemala, Columbia, Russia, and so many other places all for the sake of more knowing the Gospel. When you give, you help support the places and missionaries we have met world wide. 

Join the mission.

Are you interested in going on a trip? Are looking to support someone else on the mission field?
You can find more information about upcoming trips by clicking the link below. 

World Fest

Each year, Discover Life Church celebrates an event we call World Fest. World Fest is a six month giving period on top of our tithes. We host World Fest twice a year; once in the spring, and once in the fall. During World Fest, Discover Life takes on new missions projects, both locally and globally, to continue sharing the Gospel. 


If you're looking for a way to partner with Discover Life Missions, that can be done through Faith Promise Giving! Fill out a Faith Promise card at any Discover Life location to commit to a 6-month financial support to DLC Missions. Or visit the "Give" page to fill out a Faith Promise Form there.